A "Modern Medieval" Dining Room By Fiorito Interior Design

My clients for this project wanted to erase from their newly purchased home the style choices of the previous owners. I was lucky they were eager to make their own impression, because that meant they were open to a lot of unique and special design elements. So we decided to turn the dining room into more of a statement space with elegant wood paneling, a grand carved wooden dining table, and a sense that a feast was about to take place. I thought of it as Modern Medieval!

The custom-made guest dining chairs are covered in a tapestry-like material of paisley and leopard while the custom-made host chairs, bigger and more luxuriously scaled, are covered in a soft olive green leather. Hanging above is a modern lighting fixture with clean lines but whose overall sense recalls ancient round candelabras from castles of yore. Below it all is a rug in camel and gold with an organic pattern of branches and leaves. Torch-like wall sconces, a mirrored buffet with hefty iron rings, and custom draperies in a gold-green harlequin texture finish the look. And the most special element of all: at night during dinner parties, the metallic gold ceiling reflects the chandelier and sconces, giving the room a glamorous, warm glow.

All photos by Bernardo Grijalva
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Happy designing!