An Autumn Look In The Dining Room

 The dining room being in the center of our home, it's one of my favorite rooms to add some seasonal touches.  Recently I made a few changes, one of them being moving a painting over the mantel to a different room and hanging some dishes in its place.

 This fall I'm loving natural colors - colors that remind me of a walk in the woods. 

 I hung an ironstone platter and a few saucers.  I love this brown transferware... I've had my eye on it at the antiques store for a long while and finally brought a few (small) pieces home with me.  I like the idea of changing out the saucers as the seasons change. 

 Justus shook his head at me, wondering what my fascination with hanging plates is.  And I really don't know... I just know I love the way plates look displayed on the wall and always have (smile). 

And speaking of the woods, recently the girls and I walked around a little and collected some treasures to bring indoors.  I love all the nuts we find, especially hickory nuts.  They are plentiful at my parents farm and the girls love gathering and playing with them.    

 Last weekend we also recovered the seats of our dining room chairs.  I made a huge mistake in reupholstering in linen of all things last year... beautiful at first, but not so beautiful with two little girls sitting on them at the dinner table.  I had purchased this outdoor fabric on clearance ($4.99/yd!) for pillows on our front porch and had plenty leftover.  Suddenly I realized they would probably be the perfect solution for right now... easy to clean and easily replaced later on.  Even though the pattern is a little different from the curtains, I kind of like the new look.  (Not to mention, anything was better than stained linen!)

 The gorgeous table runners were made by Ann of On Sutton Place.  I simply adore her work.  These runners are mangle cloth and they are so gorgeous and natural.  I especially can't wait to use them for the holidays this year! 

 On the opposite side of the room, I finally hung some vintage artwork on the empty spot on the wall.  Sometimes the perfect piece can be so simple. 

Our dining room is so large we also keep the piano in here.  Lately it's been used very frequently as Jillian is learning to play.  I love her sweet music.  
Have a wonderful week!