Cabin Style

Autumn is here... time to hibernate! If you are lucky enough to have a cabin in the woods to retreat to, most likely you are familiar with the classic cabin style which uses a lot of wood and stone. Exposed log beams, river rock fireplaces, and rustic lanterns give an authentic vibe.

But a cabin doesn't have to mean "roughing it." Here are some luxury cabins that bring style to the great outdoors. The wood and stone may remain, but the addition of select antiques, sumptuous draperies, or contemporary and comfortable furnishings elevates the humble cabin into a different experience!

And a cabin can even incorporate modern elements as evidenced by this sleek bathroom. The minimalist lighting and smooth ceramic vessel sink are marvelous contrasts to the wood floor and walls.

If you'd like to bring the cabin feel to your space, give me a call! A little wood and a little stone...

Happy designing!