Cedar Poles In The Garden

Last year I saw Monticello's Gardens featured in a couple different magazines and I was so inspired by the organic materials used as supports in the vegetable garden that I knew I wanted to incorporate a few of the same ideas in our own vegetable garden. In particular, the poles used to support climbing beans and peas.  
Founding GardenerImage via Martha Stewart
I included a picture of the gardens there... isn't it amazing?  One day I'd love to visit in person.
I showed Justus the pictures I had gathered and expected him to laugh, but he was all for the idea and said there were so many fallen cedar trees at my parents' farm that it would be easy to gather some to use.  One afternoon we bundled up for a hike in the woods and gathered cedar poles.  The poles needed to have the limbs removed first as you can see.

We used three poles per "trellis" and buried the base of the poles in the ground.

The tops of the poles are tied together with some jute rope. 

Yesterday the girls and I finally got the spring garden planted: lettuce, kale, broccoli and peas.  The poles will hopefully be a support for the climbing peas.

P.S.  You can see a glimpse of our new garden fence pictured.  I can't wait to show the entire thing to you, particularly since that will mean I've finished painting!  With nearly 300 pickets, it's taking me awhile.  (smile)

Have a wonderful weekend!