Garden Greens

 It seems like it's officially summer when we get to bring in a bowlful of veggies every day from the garden.  A little bowl, but a bowlful nonetheless! 
Right now we're enjoying everything green: zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce and green beans. 

 I had forgotten I had planted a bush bean that has yellow pods... when I noticed I had beans, I did a double take when I saw they were yellow (smile).  They're called a Golden Wax Bush Bean and they are so delicious. 

I'm anxious to show you our entire garden and share a little more about the heirloom seeds I planted, but right now it's a sight that just about has me running screaming... since I've been spending every spare minute on our front porch, the garden is showing its neglect in the form of weeds!  (We finished the porch today though... can't wait to show it to you!!)

I snapped this picture yesterday as I was cooking dinner.  I looked over at the kitchen table and both girls were helping with the beans while talking away.  My heart melted! 
Happy Summer to you!