In The Dining Room Hutch

If I had to choose one original feature to our home that was my favorite, it would probably be the built-in hutch in our dining room.  I love the huge cabinet doors and the original wavy glass.  Half the time it doesn't shut properly, but I never mind. 

 The only change I've made was giving it a fresh coat of white paint when we did our dining room remodel.  I did paint the interior planks a soft blue to give a little contrast... the color reminded me of the southern tradition of painting a porch ceiling "haint blue".  

While we have two hutches in our dining room, I tend to keep our vintage dishes in this one, including my favorite set by Homer Laughlin.  This pattern is called Shakespeare Country and may have been my best find ever.  I went into a local antique shop one day with some friends of ours mentioning that I was "only looking", only to discover this eight-piece set plus serving pieces buried under a table in a cardboard box with the price tag of $40 for everything.  I grabbed the box as fast as I could!

 I love the charming scenes depicted on each dish.  I'm really not sure how old they are, but periodically I see a piece sold here and there (although always at a much higher price than I paid!). 

 I use the dishes often when we have guests over for a meal... they're special enough to me to save for a fun occasion, and yet not too valuable to use.   

Beside the hutch is a little telephone nook.  I've never really known what to display there, but vintage Ball jars have found a home there for some time now. 

As with anything old, I love to think of its history and imagine what it would have looked like one day.  Maybe that's why the hutch is my favorite... I can almost picture these doors opening and closing and holding another family's dishes long ago... I'm glad it's still here for us to use today.

Thank you, friends, for reading.  It means so much to me!  Hope you have a great week.