Lyre For Galadhorn!


There are no accidents in Middle-earth. Do you remember that I had an idea to buy a Germanic harp, a copy of a lyre from Trossingen, with the help of To sing Tolkien songs, Gothic and Old Prussian songs for you... 

Here you can listen to exactly this lyre:

And it turned out that such an instrument is to be sold into good hands by our master of early music, my good friend, Agnieszka Budzinska-Bennett (Ensamble Peregrina)! Here is the lyre waiting for me. I already pre-ordered it. This is a work of Martin Uhlig (Leipzig 2011). Agnieszka adds a special hard case to it. If you want to help me buy it, please give me a modest donation on one of my funds (the cost of the instrument is 600,- euro).