"NO Puppies!"

Many years ago - before we had D, so R was probably only 17 months old - we went to a Creole restaurant with the Nonni. Nonna ordered hush puppies and told R that he would love them. He had a horrified look on this face and refused to eat them. "No puppies!" he hollered at my mom. She tried to explain that there were no puppies involved. It's cornbread, silly boy."No puppies! No puppies! No puppies!"

Last night we stopped in at Roux Dat (click to read about our first trip there) on our way home from San Francisco. We told R the story and he jokingly said "No puppies!" and we took these photos for my mom. "NO Puppies!"

One of these days I'll have to make homemade hush puppies. Because, now that he knows there are no canines involved, he loved them.

We also ordered Shrimp and Sweet Corn Étouffée...

...Chicken Creole, Jambalaya, and this...I can't remember what it was. But it was delicious!