Pairing Soup With Wine

It's almost soup season! We're still having warm days, but it has me thinking about how to pair soup with wine. Soon...I love to end my autumn and winter days with a steaming bowl of deliciousness.

Are soup and wine considered difficult to pair?
I've read that some people consider it difficult to pair soup with wine since both are liquids. People, for some reason, don't consider that appealing. Maybe it's my love of both wine and soup, but I don't think it's difficult at all. Here are a few tips for you...

Tips Take into consideration the weight of the soup. for instance, heavier chowders and hearty stews pair well with robust wines while more delicate broths are better suited for lighter wines. 

Tomatoes and tannins are not good bedfellows. If your soup is tomato-based, avoid tannic reds. I lean more towards fruity reds to complement the flavors of tomatoes.

Remember that cream soups like acidity. My favorite is a homemade cream of mushroom with an unoaked chardonnay. 

My favorite tip of all: Experiment. Be creative. Be fearless. Just like all food+wine pairings, there is no 'one' perfect wine for any 'one' dish. So your pairing will rely on your personal preferences, the occasion and - naturally - your budget.
Lastly: try not to panic. If your choice doesn't fit well, try again. And serve lots of bread and crackers! It's not the end of the world.