Snowballs In April

 This week of April brings back so many memories for me.  Six years ago we brought our darling newborn baby home from the hospital to a glorious spring day.  At the time my mom still lived across the country, but she had flown to Alabama (where we lived at the time) to spend nearly a month with us.  It was the first southern spring I had experienced where I wasn't sitting in an office, and my mom and I had one of the best months ever enjoying the time with our new precious baby girl (while poor Justus had to work).  Since then I always anticipate this week of April, because I know it brings greener grass, warmer days and blooms aplenty.

 Now that we live in Tennessee, I also know this time of year brings a blossoming snowball bush and I love to fill our home with their fluffy white blooms. 

 When making a large bouquet, there are usually little blooms towards the bottom of the branch, just perfect for making a tiny bouquet. 

 Who knew an old jar that held peanut butter could look so pretty?  (wink)

And yes, even a large bouquet for the kitchen.   It's the first room I wander to in the morning and the blooms are a lovely reminder that spring is in the air.  

This past Sunday Jillian turned six years old and I can hardly believe how the time has flown, and yet so many wonderful memories have been made.  It just makes me want to savor every day I have with my family, being thankful for all that we have.