The Sun Is Shining

 The sun is shining and the sunflowers are blooming... could there be a more perfectly suited combination in the summer?

 It has been amazing to watch the sunflowers (an heirloom Tiger Eye Mix Sunflower) grow from tiny little seeds placed in the ground to buds that are beginning to form on tall stalks.

Almost overnight it seemed, vibrant blooms in assortments of reds, oranges and yellows emerged.  
The colors have been such a beautiful addition to the garden (not to mention the bees that have been enjoying them so much) that I haven't quite wanted to cut them yet.  

But blooms are popping up all over now, so soon I think a few cut will hardly make a dent (smile).  
Unfortunately, anthills are also a part of summer, which is exactly where I ended up standing while taking these pictures... ouch!  I could probably write a book of all the funny (or maybe not so funny) things that have happened to me while I'm taking photos! 

Hope you are having a wonderful day!