Tulkas Is Rashbold!

"He was however mindless and did not learn from the past;
always quick in action" (Tolkien Gateway)
How do you think, is Tulkas rashbold?
Tulkas Astaldo... Tolkien Arcastar...
Of course Tulkas has his established Quenya etymology. And Astaldo too. But I wonder how many inklings and impressions emerge when we compare Quenya Tulkas with Baltic tulkas 'translator'... with Tulkas' own rushness and crazy boldness... when we compare Astaldo and Arcastar (common element ast-).
I see Tulkas as one of the hidden alter egos of Tolkien himself. And I think his name is similar to Tolkien's surname not by accident. Nothing in Middle-earth happens by accident! 
P.S. Is it only me who sees Risen Christ in the image of Tulkas above? And do you know that the Lord's Day, our Christian Sunday was Tulkas' day in the early Elvish calendar from the time of the Lost Tales?